Monday, November 3, 2008

The Captain's Beast Loaf

I would like to show you my "meat" loaf from last night, thanks. We saved some for you. It was made with faux meat and sausage, bread crumbs, bar-b-cue sauce, Heinz, Dijon mustard, assorted spices, an onion puree, chopped garlic and luv xoxoxoxo.

Mrs. Bananas ate it with relish (figuratively) and she grew up in Ohio, where they know their frito pie, their lettuce-with-mayonaisse-and-peas, and their meat loaf.

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Bea Elliott said...

Yum! Your "meat"loaf looks delicious! What a coincidence - my husband and I are also in our
10th month of veganism. I was an "ethical" vegetarian before and never realized the myths (or cruelty) in dairy and eggs...

Wonderful blog - keep up the good work spreading the Vegan message!