Tuesday, August 12, 2008

B'loney? You? Me?

A waiter of about 20, a dancer on a scholarship (and that ain't exactly a stable surface!) , was taking my order at a restaurant the other night. We got to talking, him about dancing, me about writing and playing music.

He asked, "Which do you prefer?"

It was startling. No one has ever asked me that. No one asks me about music or writing, and up until that moment, I had not grasped that fact.

Rich Z. has everything I've ever recorded since 1993 on his iPod, I know that. A & T have all my post-1999 recordings on their shuffle. There are 12,000 bought copies of the album I released in 2000, "Make It Snappy" out there. Anyone listening? No idea, hon.

At the moment, I am about to sign a deal, my first, with a big music publishing company, for a disc I recorded over the last 7 months with 12 musicians at a Grammy-winning studio. The signing proves someone important cares. "Those with ears to hear, let them listen."

To answer the young man's question and get to the title of this post---

I like both music and writing for different reasons. But music wins, my friends.

I was born a musician. Zeus did not give me these perfect-pitch ears for the hell of it. Writing I came to naturally, later, but music is my heart and my love and my passion. If you want to know me, listen to my music, especially the last album.

The prose always has a lie in it and that is because I am a coward and don't want to hear people's negativity. I am toned down to the 10th degree in 90% of what I write, here and in public. I'm not talking about car stories. Even my first-person is raked to avoid hooking small minds, the minds that call your wife a cow and tell you you are in need of psychiatric help.

I have a book I'm writing called "Confessions of an ex-seeker". The aim? No lies.

A guy I used to follow, Paul Lowe, used to talk about people coming to his seminars wanting help in their life transitions, their relationships, their dealings with the world and existence.

He would say, "Just get through a single day without telling a single lie. That'll keep you busy."

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