Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Smash Shack

CNN's report on Smash Shack--you'll have to watch a commercial first

Have you ever wanted to break something? I have. The Smash Shack lets you bust plates, dishes, photos of your ex, for a price.

At first I thought, dumb people flushing money. Just deal with your problems, for Fred's sake.

Then I remembered the Frustration Pile, created by N. Max when we were children. It was a hole the boy had dug and lined with large stones. When pissed, an empty wine bottle would be taken to this hole and smashed against the sides of the rocks.

I didn't really use it, and he didn't really use it after a couple of times.

Like soft drugs leading to harder stuff, the Frustration Pile led to, or contributed to, the overall atmosphere of Destroying Objects, some tiny, some quite large.

He doesn't like it when I talk about this stuff, so I won't. I'll save it for the book.

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