Friday, August 29, 2008

In the vegan world, sometimes the vegetables bite back

I bought one of these, figuring I'd jazz up dinner.

Hot Yellow Scotch Bonnet peppers

Cut up some veggies for quick meal---broc, squash, mush, onion, a veggie burger. Included the above pepper. Didn't think nuttin' of it.

While waiting for the water to boil, to steam it all along with rice, I went onto other things.

I touched my right eye, casually.

It happened instantly.

Oh. Oh. Oh! OH! Like I'd been sprayed with mace. Splashed water from the bathroom sink into it. It got worse. I staggered around the apartment in agonizing, burning pain. The pain spread to my left eye. Now I was blind.

Filled the bathroom sink with cold water. Waited, waited, waited, then---


Steam billowed. I held the snoot underwater, eyes open, looking left to right.

It worked.

"I can see! I can see!"

I threw the pepper in the garbage, violent little @#$@#$ that it was.

Go sear the earthworms!

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