Thursday, October 9, 2008

Vacation in my mind

I’ve been far, far too long
In the center of the throng
Was gettin’ fed up right to here
I thought it best to disappear
So I checked the bank account
There was not a large amount
But it mattered not to me
There’s a world that I can see

And it’s just beyond the subway door
The cubicle, the coffee cart
The office chair nailed to the floor
I’ve had enough, time to depart

On a vacation in my mind

Cross my heart, hope to die
There’s no better way to fly
That to close your eyes and dream
When your wallet’s out of steam
Happy trails up ahead
At the place inside your head
Though the boss may stew and burn
You’ll return when you return

Now I got the blanket, got the lotion
Got the sun inside my brain
Got the swim trunks, got the ocean
Close my eyes, get on the plane

On a vacation in my mind

There I’ll sit, so sublime
With a seltzer and a lime
Let the world fly by my door
I won’t notice anymore
If the boss makes a fuss
Tell him I got on the bus
Better call some other sheep
Or leave a message at the beep

And I’m Dorothy lookin’ for the rainbow
A leaf just sailing in the wind
Close my eyes and let my brain go
Where the maddening crowd has thinned

On a vacation in my mind

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